Free Trial

If you are interested in joining, then please contact us to arrange a free trial. You can contact us by:
  • completing our online Trial Request form
  • Visiting the Thursday night desk at the Newark Sport and Fitness Centre
If you are under 18 you will then be contacted (usually via email) with date and time of the trial. Trials usually take place 4 times a year. The next trial date is on the website. If you are applying to join our Masters  Squad you will be invited to attend one of our regular sessions on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. You can attend for 3 sessions before you decide to join.

Joining us

After your trial we will ask you to let us know if you are still interested in joining. If you choose to join:

  • We’ll give you some feedback and let you know the best squad for you.
  • Depending upon membership levels there may be a short waiting list for joining some sessions. When there is a place, applicants can start as soon as possible.
  • A formal membership pack has to be completed including Health and Code of Ethics information.
  • A swimmer can have a further 3 week trial as  a taster session before deciding to join and first payment is due.
  • All squads are reviewed by the Coaching Committee 4 times a year as to whether swimmers are in the appropriate squad to meet their needs.


For Masters there will be an additional need to  complete a DBS  application  if you decide to join, before you can start to attend regularly.