Club Records

Short course club records as of 01-10-2019

Long course club records as of 01-10-2019

Club record claim form

Claiming a Club record

Since 2016, club records are kept for both long course (50m) pools and short course (25m) pools.

Age is on day of competition / event. All records can be set by swimmers of any age

Records must exceed the existing record.
There must be evidence of time achieved.
Times must be achieved for either a Long Course Club Record or a Short Course Club record.
Conversions are not allowed.

Swimmers must be members of NSC. If they belong to 2 clubs, they must be “first claim” swimmers of NSC.
Swimmers must be representing NSC or NOVA Centurion

The event must be a competition, Gala, League or Open meet swum under ASA law organised by NSC, County, District or National level.
The Officials must be as ASA law.
Applications will only be accepted where times have been recorded using:
Automatic or semi-automatic officiating equipment
A hand held timer operated by two timekeepers

The event must be as specified above. This means that “Lead off” legs in relays may not be used and neither can split times in IM events, even if there is compliance with ASA laws or time recordings

All records have to be applied for.
The Club Records Secretary should be notified in writing by e-mail using the official Club record claim form, within 28 days.
Reference to the Result Sheets or other similar evidence must be provided.

Confirmed Club records will be updated once a month.
Updated Club records will be posted on website and on Notice Board within 1 month of receipt.
In the event of a dispute the Records Secretary will bring the dispute to the next NSC Committee meeting for resolution.

NSC Club record rules
Changes to Club Record Rules shall be made either at NSC Committee meetings or at NSC AGM

NSC Club Records Secretary (both long & short course) is Jo McCarthy ([email protected])