"This season has all been through the BLDSA (British Long Distance Swimming Ass) so traditional swimwear only.

I entered under Newark Swimming Club and also as usual wore the orange NSC swim hat, so hopefully we should have more exposure within the open water category. I have swum the Grand Prix series and I am waiting to hear the final results but should be in the top 3 or 4 females and slightly higher the Veterans.

The weather plays a huge part in the swims, for example the 2 way Bala: the 2nd length was 20 minutes faster than the 1st due to the wind and chop of the lake. Unfortunately the low temperature in Scotland at St Mary's Loch got the better of me and I had to retire. It's no fun when you start to get hyperthermia, but bring it on next year!

I am aiming to enter similar events next year, so if anyone would like to join me please let me know. There are a few lakes around the area which offer safe swimming, these include Colwick, Hoveringham and Activities Away in Hykeham. I usually use Activities Away and I am more than happy to help swimmers into the lake for the first time as it does offer different challenges to pool swimming. They also hire those black things......I think the call them wetsuits! Joking aside wetsuits are a great safety item if you have never been in open water before. The BLDSA are allowing wetsuits in some of the novice swims so there is no excuse to get in and try it for yourself."

Louise Orgill

Location Distance Style Time Position
Wykeham 5K Freestyle 01:50:32 9th
Ellerton Lake 9 miles Freestyle 05:03:30 8th
Bala 2 way 6 miles Freestyle 03:37:38 5th
Bala 1 way 3 miles Freestyle 01:34:30 7th
Coniston Vets 3.85 miles Freestyle 02:03:48 2nd
Derwent 5.25 miles Freestyle 49:17.0 3rd
Lynn Regis 4.5K Freestyle 01:35:46 4th (2nd Vet)
St Mary's Loch 6 miles Freestyle Retired after 3 miles  

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